Written By: R.H. Hope - Jun• 08•13
Winter’s first blush:
I see beautiful pure snow,
The softest flakes floating down,
I raise up my joyful arms,
To dance and twirl around.
Winter is new:
Cold flakes tingle on my tongue,
Shivers racing up my spine,
Your softness breaks my fall,
Your touch is so benign.
The snows piles up:
Your brilliant white blinds me
To secrets that you’ve buried.
I trudge through like concrete,
My gut is feeling wary.
Winter wears on:
I am struggling to stay warm,
To stay alive beneath your gloom,
I’m smothered by your blanket,
You will not let me bloom.
The sun comes out:
It tries to chase you away,
But you become an icy shard,
You dangle over my head,
And threaten to pierce my heart.
The spring arrives:
There’s nowhere for you to hide.
The sun’s rays fall all around,
Till you fade and melt away,
And my blooms rise from the ground.

I See Only You

Written By: R.H. Hope - Apr• 02•13

Imagine my reason for being
Swirling around you like white smoke,
Drawing us together, souls entwined,
Rising, floating above the doubt,
Leaving the whole world behind to judge
Something they know nothing about.
Those slashing voices, like sharp knives,
Trying to cut us so we bleed out,
But we gratefully grow deaf and blind
to all the toxic waste below…
I can see only you, so lovely,
And I choose to bask in your glow.


Slotty Games

Written By: R.H. Hope - Mar• 20•13
She flitted around the casino
Like a hermit crab on a rock,
Feeding coins into slot machines
Till well past three o’clock.
The flirty slots whistled at her,
They cooed, “hey Sexy, over here!”
Oh, what those slots wouldn’t give,
Just to have her near.
But only the lucky were chosen,
When she sat down to play their game.
And each time she pushed their buttons,
They damn near burst into flame.
She didn’t know she thrilled those slots,
And left them wishing for more.
But oh what dreams they’ll have,
Of the cute redhead they all fell for…

Seeking New Shells

Written By: R.H. Hope - Mar• 01•13
The red hermit crab
he keeps looking at the shell
its the same damn shell
~ by guest poet Savannah Frost



Written By: R.H. Hope - Feb• 18•13

Light touches like flames to tinder,
A kiss that unlocks the soul.
The chains that bind are breaking,
With love that makes you whole.

Afternoons spent in the woods,
Where two become as one.
A soul discovering its freedom,
And burning hotter than the sun.

Fiery passion ignites you,
Till you’re burning at the core.
He sees you for what you are,
You want him forevermore.

Till the day the flames shot up,
And burned out of his control.
He thought of you till the end,
You felt the death of your soul.

Your freedom died on the street,
All sooty and dirty and wet.
Your heart cried that day,
For the man you’d never forget.


[Poet’s note — this was written for a friend, for someone she knew a long time ago…]

~RH Hope